Our mission :-“Assisting companies maximise their value streams”

How :-

  1. Fundamentally reviewing  business processes.

  2. Minimising waste using value stream mapping.

  3. Implementing the Right IT systems.

Are You A Medium & Small Manufacturing Company Struggling With Lack Of Systems Or Failed ERP Implementation? Time to have a discussion.

Too many companies jump to stage 3, pick the wrong system and after many months are very disappointed with the lack of progress.

Our 3 stage process is tough, but vital if your company wants to remain competitive.  You understand your business, our role is to assist your team utilise the best techniques and select the right tools and systems to succeed.

Our Strengths

  • Breath of manufacturing experience across many different product lines.
  • Asking the right questions.
  • Engaging people at all levels
  • Selecting the right systems to make IT work across your business.  We have our own manufacturing system if required.
  • Practical approach, understanding what makes your business special.
  • Strong business connections bringing together the right resources.